Debt Consolidation Reviews

Getting A Debt Counselor To Review Your Finances

If you are struggling with debt, seeking out a few free online debt consolidation reviews (ie. reviews of your financial situation) may help to shed some light on some possible solutions to your problems. Hey,

you shouldn't be afraid or embarrassed about asking an expert for help.

And if you are, then consider this...

The average annual family income of folks like you and me who signed up for credit counseling last year was just under $50,000. People and families of all incomes can find themselves overwhelmed by debt from time to time. And if you are unsure of your options, getting some free advice won't hurt.

What Should You Expect From Debt Consolidation Reviews?

The first thing you should receive is an analysis of your debts and your financial position, followed by a discussion about your goals. From this your debt counselor will determine among other things:

  • Is debt consolidation even right for you?
  • Do you just need some guidance and education when it comes to your money management skills?
  • If your situation is quite dire, would a debt settlement program or even bankruptcy be your best option?

The second thing you can expect (if you are dealing directly with a company that offers consolidation programs) is an estimate of what you could possibly save by enrolling in a debt management plan.

Ideally you want to speak with a debt counselor who either offers an array of debt relief services, or better yet, one that offers no service at all. These debt counselors are in a better position to give you an unbiased opinion about your best route to debt freedom. You can find debt counselors in your neighborhood that will offer a free consultation, or alternatively, you can speak to a debt counselor over the phone (again, for free) as soon as today.

Are All Debt Consolidation Companies The Same?

Absolutely not.

First of all, the "debt help" industry is full of sharks just waiting to take advantage of people in precarious financial positions. These "sharks" will tell you anything you need to hear to get your money, and many times their so called "help" leaves you in more debt than when you started and with further damage to your credit report.

Here are some things you can/should do to avoid becoming a victim of a debt consolidation fraud or scam.

First, instead of seeking out as debt consolidation company straight away, set up an appointment with an experienced debt counselor who can review your finances for free and then recommend the appropriate debt solution. That may or may not be a debt management/consolidation program.

Second, if you do decide on debt consolidation, speak to at least two or three different companies before signing on with anyone. Remember, you will be working with this company for the next 3 to 5 years so don't make any hasty judgements.

Third. At the very least, make sure to ask them exactly what their fees are (both up front and ongoing), as well as what services they offer. A reputable debt help company will provide credit counseling along with a debt management plan (if you are a potential candidate). And if it is determined that you simply cannot afford the fees, most reputable companies (both for-profit and non-profit) should allow you into their program for free.

Finally, as I alluded to above, look for companies that offer other programs (like a debt settlement program) in addition to a debt consolidation program. This way they are not as likely to talk you into a program that is not suitable for you simply because it is the only program they offer.

Get more help on choosing the best companies to work with.